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Eco-Hotel Itzamaltun
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Eco-Hotel Itzamaltun (Izamal)
site web contactez-nous (+52 98895400

TARIFS : Chambre single à 600MXN (34.82€)*, chambre double à 700MXN (40.63€)*, * à partir de.

 Le mot de l'établissement :
Itzamaltún is located in Izamal: city fills of history, color and pride. Located in the State of Yucatan, founded in the middle of the XVIth century on the vestiges of a former Mayan city. Our facilities create the perfect combination between the colonial thing and the natural beauty that offers us Izamal's city, here you will find everything to spend unforgettable moments. Itzamaltún is the place where the tranquility, harmony and peace get together in order that you enjoy Izamal's brilliance and the Mayan culture. Izamal is a city from 1841 and is placed to 72 km from Merida, course to Chichén-Itzá, in the Peninsula of Yucatan. To 13 meters on the level of the sea, his annual average temperature ascends to 27ºC. It possesses (relies on) approximately 13,500 inhabitants

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